GC 100 Relys

My GC 100 relays have stopped working, if I click on them I get command failed in red. I only use one of the relays in a scene that gets run very limited, maybe twice a year and so I can’t remember when the last time i used it. The IR is working fine, just the relays stopped

Did you try one of the other relays ?

Yes, I tried all 3. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but unfortunately no luck

Well if the it is working then it’s not an up issue.
You might try a standalo e program. … global cache has some test programs . … You will need to make sure Vera has not grabbed the connection . … because only one person can talk to the Device at a time.

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works fine on the Global cache tests. Did a factory reset on the Vera Plus and then installed the GC100 App again and same error, “Command Failed” in red