Garage door with Z-Wave Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW


Hoping some one can point me in the right direction.
I have a Z-Wave Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 2.5 KW which i am trying to get to operate my Promatic V2 Hoffman garage door closer.
Relay has been added to my vera lite and when activated i can here the relay click but i am getting no response from the door.
I tried setting the pulse at value 5 , 10 and 20 and still don’t get anything from the door.
I have attached a couple of pictures showing values set on the Fibaro. and one of the Promatic. I have the connection from the Fabaro to the Promatic connected to the left hand side red and black push fit connectors.
Any Ideas?


Does the door work properly without Fibro? This should be your first step.

You don’t show how you have the relay wired. You need to make sure that you are NOT applying mains voltage to the opener. There should NOT be a jumper between the INput and the Live terminals.

According to the Promatic 2 manual, you should be connecting to the push connectors(terminals) on the right of your picture, where the wall button connects, with the beam break sensors connected to the left. Notice the icons by the terminals.

Thanks for that, i suspect from what you have said i may have the fibaro into the beam break side ( feeling daft now). Will check this when i get home tonight. For information i have attached diagram as to how i have the relay wired.
Will let you know how i get on.

Well i all is sorted and working a treat :wink:
Thank you Z Waver, pointed out the what should of been obvious but i hadn’t seen it !!! Had the relay into the wrong side of the connections. :frowning:
Going to go and stand in the daft corner now.

Thanks for your help Z waver.