Garage Door Tilt Sensor Untripped Alert?

I all the sudden started getting lots of emails from Vera telling me the tilt sensor has been untripped. I didn’t change anything that I know of. I don’t have a notification setup for this. It looks like the email is coming from Vera.

Alert/Notice from your Vera System

Sensro Alert: A sensor named _Motion Sensor Tilt in Room Garage hasbeen untripped.

Thank you,

The Vera Team.

Any ideas what/why?



Who makes the sensor?
Is it battery operated?

Not sure who makes it. It is the tiny little tilt sensor that is pretty popular. Bought abouty a year ago. Yes, it is powered by batteries.

I did some searching and saw where someone had a similar issue. They discussed the settings of the preset modes. I made sure all of mine were set to NO for tripping notification. The home mode already was and I never use the other modes. I set them all to NO anyway. No option to save, so I tried over and over and the settings didn’t appear to be saved. So, I set them one last time and logged out. I haven’t looked yet, but I am not getting the notifications in email now.


I am currently using the Linear GD00Z. I get false trips all of the time and it is less than a year old. I am assuming it is the battery.
My fix is to switch to the Telgard GDC1. It’s door sensor is wired and needs no batteries.