Garage door bifuracting status

I have a Nutone zwave garage door opener that uses a sensor attached to the door itself to indicate if it’s open or closed… I think all of them do.

When the door is opened, the status will go from 0 to 1 without any missteps (as far as I have seen). But when it goes from open to closed, the status may bifurcate once or twice on the way down eventually settling down to 0 as it should be. The status will be 1… then 0 then 1 again until finally going down to 0. I think this is because no matter what I do with the chain tension, there’s a small skip in the closing action just enough to cause the sensor to be confused. I could look at possibly moving the sensor up or down the door further, but I wanted a software fix…

I want to make a reactor trigger that only works when the door is opened. So as a condition I set “status changes from 0 to 1”. The problem is, when the door is closed, I can sometimes see a toggle of status from 1 to 0, back to 1 then to 0 and this will be enough to trip the “garage door opened” reactor sensor.

==> how can I prevent this? I am not sure if you can set a “status change from 0 to 1” and also do a “condition must be sustained for xxx seconds” setup? Or is there a better way?