Garage and sliding gate opener? Lift Master and Linear Multicode

Is there a universal garage/gate opener? I need one for my garage which is a liftmaster with the purple button and one for the sliding gate with Linear Multicode receiver. I’m not sure where to start looking.

We’re using the mimolite in combination with a door sensor on my gate. The garage door app integrates well with this and it seems to be working pretty reliably. We tried a few other configurations, but I could never get a wireless sensor to reliably report gate status as opened or closed.

For our garage doors, we’ve installed MyQ, and used the plug in Marcho wrote to control them, though have had a few issues with this lately, so YMMV.

sorry I missed your response… so is the Mimolite weather proof since it’s going to be installed outside by the gate operator?

I wouldn’t need the sensor since I have cameras inside the garage as well as one facing the front of the house so I can tell when they’re open or closed.