fwd1.mios.com and fwd2.mios.com json interface stops returning data

Help. My Home Buddy android app doesn’t work anymore. If I ‘remove’ my vera from the micasaverde.com interface, and then add it back in, it’ll work for awhile, but somehow, the servers are ‘forgetting’ my Vera. I’ve ‘formed’ the json URL:


If I ‘remove’ my vera, and add it back in the url above will return data. But after about a day, it returns nothing, causing my Home Buddy to stop working remotely. Vera network diagnostics work fine. I have a static IP set into my Vera.

Am I doing something wrong?

Do you have problems with remote access to your Vera? Can you access it from cp.mios.com? It has been a common problem for many people lately - the servers are supposedly overloaded and MCV had to fix that. Sometimes rebooting your Vera restores remote access…

Rebooting the Vera restored function. Previously, it did not, I had to ‘remove’ the Vera from the config, and then add it back in.



I just recently have been having the same problem. I just happen to have added trane thermostats to my system and don’t know if that is part of the issue but I lose connectivity after 1-2 days. I used to have rock solid access before.

I can’t access via cp.mios.com or home buddy. Unplugging the vera solved the problem last time. I’ll have to give a shot tonight and see what happens but now I understand folks frustration.

EDIT: Had wife power cycle the vera and remote access is back.

a variety of setups and firmware are having this problem, it seems to have become common in the past few (or several) weeks

Having this problem too. I can get in using cp.mios.com, just can’t get any data on home buddy.

I lost remote access after 48 hrs from last power cycle. I didn’t seem to have this problem before I added the two trane thermostats. I have a small setup right now with 2 dimers, 1 plugin appliance switch, 1 kwikset lock and the 2 thermostats so you’d think it would be pretty stable.