Future devices compatability? (Like the Aeotec Doorbell 6)

Yeah, that’s not great.

@sorin ?

@Florida-Jobbers do you want to post your ticket references?


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Right, so I keep checking back in this thread to see any improvements. Meantime we are closing in on a YEAR!!! and it’s still not even close to functional. What the hell?

Need updates! Pretty close to throwing the Vera out and replacing it with something else…
@Sorin ??

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I also purchased the Aeotec Doorbell 6 thinking that is would work because of the last firmware update. I was able to add to the controller but configuring the device is not happening as it is seen as a Generic_IO device. About 8 generic devices to be exact.

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Doubt, I also bought Doorbell 6 two days ago. Today I added it to Vera like a Doorbell 5 and got 7-8 Generic Devices.

  1. How to change volume?
  2. How to change melody?
  3. How I can get doorbell button status? I would like to make a scene with button but I don’t know how to do that.

There now way to temporarly fix the problem with device by editing some params?

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Still the Aeotec Doorbell 6 can not be added to a Vera Edge controller. Almost a year… What does it take to finally get it done?

And another firmware version without mention of this.
Come on guys, what the actual #$@%! What does it take to get this damn thing working as promised?!

I can see all other @#$% nobody needs getting added in the changelog, why is that possible?

@Sorin status updates please!

Edit, on request I’ve censored some of my used words to align with the guidelines. Maybe if Vera can respond and explain like civil people to their customer base instead of blatantly ignoring we wouldn’t even reach this point of frustration. This not how you run a company! Your customers have spent hunderds and some even thousands of dollars on hardware equipment and another thousands of hours invested in making it work and even fixing the problems you can’t seem to fix. Get your act together and do what we paid you for!


The “Integration Request” thread is closed, but the Aeotec Doorbell 6 is not fully compatible.

Should the thread be reopened so people can vote and show that this is a priority? @edward

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@Ioana I am bumping this back up


I also want to buy this doorbell. It is the only zwave doorbell that works on other platforms, only still not on Vera.

@sorin @melih please give more priority to get all the popular zwave devices that came on the market past two years working on Vera. This one is only one example of many.
And also improve further on the shortcomings in the current hardware and software (I refer to all the research, analysis, improvements and recommendations made by @Rafale77.
In stead of developing all kinds of apps and features that are nice for some people but not basic requirements for a domotica controller.
And introducing several new ezlo controllers that at this moment are just useless toys for the majority of the domotica crowd (even for beginners). Sorry for sounding so negative but I think majority of current Vera userbase agrees with me.


To clarify my goal: I am not asking Staff to fix this today. Simply asking for Staff to open back up the “Integration Request” thread, because right now people are saying this is a priority, but there is not a systematic method for us to show you that (as the thread has been closed).

Trying to get some info on this guys, and keep you posted. :v:

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Actually we are asking that this is something that needs to be fixed today!
The thread that you mention is locked because it was already accepted to be implemented as it had most votes, but even though it should be implemented it still isn’t.

There no reason to vote, we already did that and were promised this would be added. So add it now, we don’t need another vote!

See Edwards post that it was supposedly added to 7.30 here:
Unfortunately it never was…

Thanks for looking into it, @Sorin!

My first thought upon reading this was, “Why doesn’t ezlo just partner with the Apilio team, whose sole purpose is integrating home automation API’s into a single endpoint?”

(i.e. instead of rolling your own…)

I’ve talked with edward and the reasoning behind closing that topic. Prior to 7.30 the pairing with this doorbell was not possible and this has been fixed in 7.30. A full device integration is a total different story and that’s not available for this device and Vera.

Aeotec Doorbell 6 is already on our integration road map but most probably it will be available on the Ezlo Hardware.

Hi Sorin,

Thanks for getting back to us.

That thread is about a full integration of the doorbell, not just pairing. Obviously you understand that pairing is useless if you can’t use the device, why pair something that doesn’t work? People voted for that and it actually was the highest on the list if I remember correctly. So I have no clue why Edward would interpret that in a different way that obviously isn’t the case in that thread, let alone think this helped us in any way at all.

Also I bought a VeraPlus, all those other people asking for this integration are running a Vera of some kind and I have yet to see a single one interested in the Ezlo hardware. We want integration on the Vera product and we’ve been more than patient, I really don’t care about Ezlo (sorry) and it has nothing to do with the Vera’s. We bought hardware that was supposed to support everything, that means continuous development to support new devices and that really just stopped completely and is not OK!

My ears hurt and I’m sick of it not working. I can’t even configure how loud this thing is (100+ dB!!!) and can’t turn off alarms or change the chime.

I don’t really care how it gets fixed, at least make it possible to configure this thing.


I contacted Aeotec about this, and Chris Cheng is always insanely helpful. Here is a short-term workaround, that I’ll use until Vera supports full integration.

MY PLAN based on Chris’s advice:

  1. Use Zensys to configure device using my Aeotec Z-Stick (easy way to adjust settings)
  2. Connect to Domoticz for full integration using my Aeotec Z-Stick (need to do Zensys first, as Domoticz can’t change all the paramters concerning tones, volume)
  3. Use Domoticz to notify Vera when doorbell goes off

Chris’s instructions on using Zensys to configure parameters:

Zensys Tools is more or less used as a debug tool, but allows you to directly send packets related to their command classes (you won’t be able to setup automation here).

  1. Download Zensys Tools here:https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/attachments/6091420613
  2. Close Software that is linked to Z-Stick Gen5
  3. Unzip Zensys Tools file, and open the .exe file.
  4. Click and highlight your Doorbell 6 (in our image, it is Node #3)
  5. Select “Node Info” button (4th button on the left)
  6. Now open up “Command Class” tab on the right side of the software
  7. Select:
  8. Input these Values:
    Source End Point: 00 // leave as default
    Res: 00 //Don’t touch this, this does nothing.
    Destination Endpoint: 02 // Tamper Switch endpoint of Siren or Doorbell 6, you can use this to control sound of your button or other alarm options
  • Endpoint 01 - Play sound
  • Endpoint 02 - Tamper Switch
  • Endpoint 03 - Button #1
  • Endpoint 04 - Button #2
  • Endpoint 05 - Button #3
  • Endpoint 06 to 08 - Various alarm usecases.

Bit address: 00
Command Class: 79 //Sound Switch Command Class
Command: 05 //Sound Switch Configuration Set Command
Parameter: 05 01 //Volume #5 (as 05) Sounds #01 (as 01)

  • Volume is a range between 00 - 65 (in hex which is 0 - 100 in decimal or easily seen as 0 - 100%)
  • Sound can be a range between 00 - 1E (or decimal value of 1 - 30 or sound #1 - 30).
    • Example, Sound = 05, Volume = 0A (10%)
      • Parameter: 0A 05

This worked perfectly…I was able to turn down the volume (especially for the “tamper” alarm which was so jarring). And then integrate into Domoticz as a means to then notify Vera (via an HTTP request).

I know this is not ideal, and quite an intensive workaround. I’m looking forward to the day (2022? :wink: ) where this is fully integrated by Vera.


Wow you are a trouper for being willing to go through all this song and dance to get it to work.
FYI, Zensys was the developper of Z-wave, a danish company which then sold it to Sigma Design who in turn sold it to Silicon Labs. So this tool is an original. Silicon Labs provides an updated version of this tool, the PC controller v.5.39 which comes in very handy.
You can easily run the exact same configuration with z-way…

I am finding hilarious that you have to install another controller (domoticz) as a relay to the vera… I would migrate to that other controller altogether then. Why bother? Oh wait… I did.


Hi @rafale77,

Do you need to sign up with SiLabs to get access to that tool? I’m not seeing it on their Z-Wave dowload page https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/z-wave

Cheers Rene

Rene, the link Aeotec sent me was a direct download link


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