[_Fundamental Research_] Fixing the import of UPnP devices

Tired of MCV’s absolutely ridiculous ignorance of bug [tt]http://bugs.micasaverde.com/view.php?id=1473[/tt], I reluctantly invested five minutes to investigate the problem.

Squeezebox Server 7.6.1
Whitebear Media Server (UPnP abstraction for Squeezebox Server)
SqueezePlay beta (software client for Squeezebox Server)
VeraLite 1.5.346

MiOS doesn’t know how to handle remote SCPDURLs:



  1. Import the UPnP device.
  2. Locate its [tt]D_.xml[/tt] file in [tt]/etc/cmh-ludl[/tt], download the [tt]SCPDs[/tt] manually, put the files into [tt]/etc/cmh-ludl[/tt] and replace the remote [tt]SCPD URLs[/tt] in [tt]D_.xml[/tt] with the local file names of the files just downloaded.
  3. Restart [tt]LuaUPnP[/tt].

That’s all.

Writing a plugin to automate the above steps is left as an exercise to the gentle reader (assuming that we won’t see a fix for bug #1473 in the near future).

Promised by MCV in 2009 ([tt]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,1307.msg5044.html#msg5044[/tt]), brought to you in 2012 by Ap15e …

Now that Vera is a scriptable and universal UPnP Control Point (‘Scene’ → ‘Advanced’), what is missing? - Yes, a GUI compiler for UPnP devices.

Watch out the ‘Plugins & Plugin Development’ section for [tt]UGC[/tt], the [tt]UPnP[/tt] GUI Compiler!

Please see [tt]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10220.msg70052.html#msg70052[/tt] for an implementation of step 2.

Sweeet, thanks a lot for the effort. I have been looking buy vera and get into the home automation and was specifically looking if sonos would work and have read through the saga when it started in '09.

Please excuse my ignorance but what kinds of things would I be able to do with sonos and vera integration? Just turn it on and off?

Vera would act as an UPnP control point: all UPnP services advertised by the Sonos devices could be used by Vera (via Luup and via scenes (‘Advanced’ tab)). See [tt]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10282.msg71630.html#msg71630[/tt] for a list of UPnP actions supported by Sonos devices. The UPnP specification is available at [tt]http://upnp.org/resources/upnpresources.zip[/tt].

Has this bug been fixed?