Fuel Level Gauge

I would love to hear some ideas for a Fuel Level Gauge.
I am using Vera3 UI5 1.5.622 and have an Arduino Gateway installed.
I am attempting to obtain Propane Fuel Levels remotely using Rochester DS-923 Sending unit (5 ohms empty and 92 ohms full).
It would be hard wired to an analog input on the Arduino Pro Mini. I have not seen any type of level gauge on Mios Apps.
Any Ideas?

Hi whited,

I have not used this myself but the folks at http://www.mysensors.org/ seem to have software that can be loaded onto Vera and link it to an Arduino (via USB port).

Be interesting to hear how you make out as I hope to add some non ZWave sensors to my VeraPlus once it’s setup.


Hi JohnRob,
Thanks for your reply but I am using the Vera to Arduino (ArdunioGateway). I recently posted a request for this fuel level gauge in the MySensors forum.
We will see how I make out. I will update this forum if I hear anything.
FYI: If you have interest in setting up the ArdunioGateway, make sure you buy the “Nano” with the chipset FTDI (FT232RL) NOT the CH340G as Vera doesn’t recognize this chipset. You will pay a little more, but it is the only way to get it to talk through USB. :o

I’d like to do the same thing, but have been unable to find the sensor. Can I ask where you got it from?

I think you’d get what you want using a humidity class device as fallaback. You’ll get 0/100% level and the device itself has no comnands.

The gauge sender I have can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/5651S02537-Snap-0-90-OHM-Gauge/dp/B00GZE7N7I
It may not be the one for your application.
Go to http://www.rochestergauges.com/pages/instructions.html where you can choose the correct part that matches your tank gauge. If you can physically see the propane level via a fuel level gauge on your tank, you already have a tank gauge installed. You just need to purchase the correct gauge sender to remotely monitor the levels. This is usually attached to the tank gauge by 2 small screws.

*Note: Do your research before attempting to install this configuration. I am not to be held liable for your actions. *

You need to have a tank gauge installed before you can use this. This is usually already installed in larger tanks or can be installed in smaller tanks by your propane provider. “The sending unit contains a powerful magnet which is rotated by a magnet inside the tank gauge.” (quote from rochester gauges)
There is no physical connection between the wiring of the sending unit and tank gauge.


Thank you for the advice.
From MySensors, Light level sensor was suggested and Dimmer level (for a sexier view) with mods to html and json implementation files.

Here is a link to that forum: