Front Door Camera

I just ordered a Vera 2 and a Schlage lever lock. I would like to add a camera so I can see who is at the door before I unlock it. I’m thinking that I will put the camera at eye level outside the door. I’d like some recommendations for which camera to use. I’m thinking it should be wireless so I don’t need to run wires, although I am going to have to do some wiring to get power to the camera unless there is an option for a camera that runs on a battery. The front door is under an overhang so I’m not to concerned about rainwater. Please help me brainstorm how to do this!

I’m thinking of using this camera:

and mounting it flush in the wall near the doorbell with this mount:

Just wondering if I will be able to get the camera to work with Vera?




It appears so; see this wiki page.

That wiki page is a great resource, thanks for pointing me in the direction!
I ordered the camera and the mount, the lock, and the vera 2. Can’t wait to get started.
I live in a 4 story townhouse, 2400 sqft. The Vera has to be on the bottom floor. Do you think I will have a problem getting the signal to the fourth floor? roof??

Thanks again

Continued here.

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It appears so; see this wiki page.[/quote]

wow all the panasonic BL-C models are very pricey. i bought a panasonic BL-C230A a year ago for $352. last week, i just bought a Foscam 8918 model from IPCam Central just for $90 and it works fine with vera2. just my 2 cents.

Hello again,
I got my vera 2 hooked up and the bl-c131a is working wirelessly after some tinkering. I have full functionality through but cannot figure out how to get the camera to move (left, right, up, down) over vera. I am new to vera, so may be doing something obvious wrong. going to hook up the lock next…
thanks for any help!

Are you using the Panasonic IP Camera plug-in?

I can’t get it to work. I get picture with the generic, and no movement. I get no picture with the panasonic IP plug-in. I might not be setting it up right? Are there instructions or a walk through somewhere?

There’s this wiki page.

Use the Panasonic plug-in, and verify the following fields on the [tt]Advanced[/tt] tab:

  • [tt]ip[/tt] should have the IP address of the camera
  • [tt]DirectStreamingURL[/tt] should have [tt]/nphMotionJpeg?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Clarity[/tt]
  • [tt]URL[/tt] should have [tt]/SnapshotJPEG?Resolution=320x240&Quality=Standard[/tt]
  • [tt]Username[/tt] / [tt]Password[/tt] should have the proper credentials for the camera

I got it working!
Is the typical way to check on your camera to go to dashboard in mios and click on the tool in the corner of the camera in the devices section? or is there another way I should be accessing the camera?

All right! :slight_smile:

Is the typical way [...]

thanks so much!
and get ready for a bunch more questions when i start tinkering with the lock!