"free trial period ended" error when setting up unit

OK, this is getting annoying!

I’ve had this unit… for 3 HOURS.

It’s brand new, purchased from micasaverde.com , and arrived this afternoon.

Trying to setup the findvera.com username/password, I enter the name I want to use-- it’s listed as available. I enter the password (it satisfies the complexity requirements), verify it, and enter the email address I want to use. Click “Activate”…

Earlier, it gave me a “hw error”. Now, it says “error: free trial ended”.

I thought the trial was for 90 days? I’ve barely had it for 90 minutes!

This is not looking good for Vera. I’m very frustrated, and if this thing doesn’t straighten up and fly right, I’ll be returning it.

Well the talented Julian at Micasaverde.com fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Not sure what the problem was, but it works now. Thanks! EXCELLENT customer service!