Foscam I8918 ui7

I have two of these cameras they worked fine in ui5 but after changing to vera plus,they dont work correctly.
I can see them live but motion detection seems to live its own life and rarely shows the intended motions (cars,visitors).
I am using the Foscam IP app v.2.6.
The cameras are looking out of the window so I have to be able to turn off the IR, vistacam app does not offer that.
In ui5 I was able to make the cameras take a few pictures, 2-6, on motion and send them to my phone through Vera Alert.
It does not send the up to 30 sec’s of video (and I would prefer a few pictures).
How can I set up the camera motion detection ?
Would it be possible to make it send a few pictures (burst) with 1/2 sec interval ?

The thumbnails in ui7 are useless !
I would like it to show them bigger and an easyer way to go to the next picture (something like in ui5).