Foscam FI9821W <- Motion detection ?


has ANYONE got motion detection working on the FI9821W ?? (In Vera UI5 that is :wink: )


I have not used the 9821 but have 10 of the 8918W cameras on and set up a couple of them with motion detect. They should be the same. Have you already added them to your network and can view them? To get the motion sensor panel you need to set the State variable to 2, then save and you should then see the sensor panel and be able to arm it. Now I am using a trigger to achive what I want not the settings tab in the camera.

I know it works on the 89xx but the 98xx (HD) is another story.

So I would like to hear from 9821 owners.


I was looking at the device status and saw :

Alarm Status No alarm
Recording Status Not Recording

Thus maybe polling the right CGI would do the trick ?

The getDevState command shows:

0 1 1 0 0 1 15432192k 15432704k 1 1 2 0 0

Actually IoAlarm is likely to be some external contact since mine has not the flag

0 0

What parameter would say thee is an alarm ?


I’ve tested it and the motionDetectAlarm changes from 1 to 2 when the motion is detected !

But this is usefull only while the alarm is on.

Do you know, as I am a newbe to vera, how to poll this and manage it as an event ?