Foscam FI9805W


I have installed two Foscam cameras FI8910W as indoor and FI9805W as outdoor. I was able to create the motion sensor device for FI8910W however for FI9805W it did not. Does anyone know if it can be created?

I am looking into buying a FI9805W, did you get the camera to work in Vera ? The motion sensor is not that important to me, but i would want the camera to be accessible via Vera

Yes it works.
I have done the same configuration on my FI9805W as my FI9821W and it works on my vera lite.
But i haven’t found yet how to enable the alarm on the camera from the vera, I can just look from the vera interface the camera.

Yes it does work with vera and if you need more info let me know. The picture quality is excellent even on the email notification

motion sensor doesnt work on foscam HD cams