Foscam Fi9805w outdoor camera or Samsung SNH-E6440BN/EX Smart Home Camera HD Out

Hey All,

First of all i apologies if this is a question that has been asked many times before…
I’m using a vera lite and it’s on version 1.5.672. I’m looking to venture out and install two outdoor camera’s and the two models I?ve seen is the Foscam Fi9805w and the Samsung SNH-E6440BN/EX
What I?m looking for is a device

Work with my vera lite and version 1.5.672
Stream video on my mobile app i use
Record video once there has been a trigger set
If anyone can help me with information on how difficult it is to set up etc etc would be great as i have seen a few post suggesting the Foscam isn’t as straight forward along with there being a long delay once motion is detected before video starts to record.

I have a 9805 and it’s been pretty sturdy for the past 11 months or so. I have it setup to send alarms and snaps every 30 seconds to an ftp server. I’ll vouch for it.