Foscam FI9803EP

I cannot figure out how to install a fiscal FI9803 camera. Tried searching, found a couple of threads, but it still will not install after following (I think) the instructions. I am running 1.7.583 on a Veralite. I’m running it fine over wifi on my symbology and the native fiscal app, but Vera doesn’t recognize it. I just want to have the motion detector function for alerts & scenes. Probablely cheaper & less headaches to buy a motion detector for that, but I don’t see why the camera shouldn’t work without having to buy yet another device.

Any suggestions?

Never mind. After several months I finally got it to work. Not sure what voodoo was the answer, I just kept following instructions from various threads and finally had success, but it was extremely painful. Not sure if the motion detector works yet though.

Any output? path etc

I don’t know if fiscal and Foscam are the same company, but the model number is suspiciously close. Its probably worth trying this as it worked for me:,34251.msg256231.html#msg256231