Fortrezz WMA-02 battery level the same after replacing battery

Working at rental property this weekend. VERA2 UI4 1.1.1245

Fortrezz WMA-02 was showing 40% battery. I put new one in. Advanced tab shows change date of today but level still showing at 40%
and of course icon is showing partial yellow.

Any magic I am missing?


Did you hold down the button in the back for 2 secs to force a rebroadcast?

I don’t know for sure that that will work, but it is the first thing I would try, even though you see the date on the Advanced tab.

@bobk you get the gold star! Thanks! I had hit the button before but no change. Tried 2 seconds and that did the trick. Got one more to change so that will make me a lot happier to have them both green again.


Nice! I think the short push triggers a wake up notification, but Vera may not poll the battery status with every notification. She would have eventually. The longer push appears to have triggered a full poll immediately.

Just changed out battery on other wwa-02. Will leave it alone and check later to see if it updates battery level. If not will do the 2 second button push. Battery date has been updated.