FortrezZ Water Valve demoed with Vera

FortrezZ WV-01 Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve (Emergency Shut-Off Valve) demoed on video - automatic & manual operation and remote operation from iPhone using Vera interface:

Other details:

Very nice, but which page are they using on the iphone?

I have my credit card ready. Just say the word.

word …

Two (if your card can stretch that far?) ;D

These are now avail, who’s got one?

I get mine tomorrow, hope to have more info for you folks looking to use this for emergency water shut-off, irrigation/Hydroponics…

“Can be used as an irrigation device” - makes me very interested.

Two questions however

  • what battery it uses? I hope not that weird one used in WWA-01, that would be a deal breaker for me
  • it says it can sense leak and shut off itself… it’s not a good thing if it’s used as “irrigation device”

I took a look at the FortrezZ WV-01 and thought that it was over priced for what it does. I set out to build my own for 1/5th the price. I started with a 120volt 3/4" solenoid water shutoff valve bought from a surplus store ($65), I think Lowes hardware has them for about $100. When the power is applied the valve opens (normally closed or “fail safe”). I place this in the main water supply line and plugged it into a Intermatic HomeSettings HA01C - Z-Wave Split Duplex Receptacle ($25). That’s $90 for the same functionality as the WV-01. To trigger the solenoid I used a HM-FS001 Home Manageables Flood Sensor and a couple of FortrezZ WWA-01Water/Freeze Sensor. When water is detected the outlet is turned off. I also turn off the outlet/water when I trigger the “Exit home” scene. When there is a power outage the water will turn off but if I need water I plug the solenoid into my UPS power supply, same one my Vera is plugged into. Been running for over a year now without any problems. If there is enough interest I can post a picture of my setup.

OMG, I didn’t the price. Irrigation valve costs $17.
I wish them good luck.

The WV-01 isn’t cheap but since I haven’t tested it, I can’t talk about the durability, design, reliability, etc

I do like the idea of a DIY solution, I’d love to see what you’ve done and what exact parts you used. I have a lake pump and 2-3 other irrigation and plumbing areas I’d like to automate in the home and garden.

There are plenty of folks out there that can’t do DIY and want some option to add protection from flooding. Seems like Fortrezz has the easiest solution (and only) for Z-Wave

I’ll take some pictures this weekend and post them here with as much information on the parts and installation process as I can. It took me about an hour to install it. I have this installed on my summer house so it was very important for this kind of protection. Being hours away I could not get there in time if there were a water leak. This is why my exit scene turns the water supply off when I leave.

Here is a picture of my setup.

I installed two 3/4" quick couplers just in case I need to replace or remove the solenoid. The valve must be installed after the main water shutoff ball valve. I used a ASCO solenoid but there are lots on the market just find one that does not restrict the water flow too much. The red and green wires (red hot & neutral, green-ground) were connected to a used 3 prong power plug and plugged it into the Intermatic HA01C receptacle.

No manual override?
So during power outage your house will be without water too…

No, as I mentioned above just plug the solenoid into a UPS power supply. In my case if the power goes out so does my well pump.

What’s the wattage of such a valve? It’ll be on 24/7…

It only draws 10.1 watts @ 120v. I have a 900va UPS and it ran the solenoid, Vera, a Linksys switch and a Sony Ericsson W35 3G+ router for over a week 24/7. More than most power outages.

Sounds good.
Anyways, have you seen any valve with manual override? Whatever I do, I don’t trust consumer electronics enough. Even my outdoor irrigation vales can be opened/closed manually…

I have considered doing this configuration but I was going to use normally open, such that powering would close the valve. Don’t see the advantage of normally closed.

@ 1/5th the cost of the consumer product the manual over ride is not available unless you can power the solenoid with an inverter battery pack or UPS. I don’t have much use for it, over the last year I only used it a few times. Run a hose to your neighbors house during a power outage :wink:

I use “normally closed” because I’m only here during weekends and that way I don’t need to power the solenoid while I’m gone. I also don’t want the water system running when the power goes out because in my case I’m on a water well, I could get an air lock at the foot valve when all the water in the pipes is drained. Your choice…