For multiple scenes and a single trigger, what determines the order?

If you have several scenes that are fired by the same event. What determines the order in which the scenes will run? For instance, I have a scene that runs whenever any door in the house is opened. The purpose of that script is to determine whether a security variable is set (in the handy VariableContainer) and fire off an alarm if needed. I also have a scene that turns lights on when I unlock the front door and sets that security variable to FALSE. I’d like the “I’m home” scene to run before the “Alarm” scene but they are triggered by the same event. I could figure this out by trial and error but it would be useful to know how the system runs simultaneous events (triggering several scenes or running several scenes at the same scheduled time). Is it ordered, random or parallel? I am using a Vera3 if that matters.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’d like to know as well. It might be something as simple as “starts with the lowest (or highest) scene number.”

An alternative, however, would be LUUP code.

Create 1 scene for “Door opened” with the door opening as a trigger.
From LUUP tab, you could then call whatever scenes you want in the correct order, and even add delays, checks, etc.

It’s not ideal, but I think it will accomplish what you want.

I too am wondering about the answer. I have a goodnight trigger (button 1 on GE 45600 and 45601 remotes) that I want to have run 3 independent scenes. These are momentary contact for the alarm, momentary contact for the garage door wired in series with a NO pushbutton and roughly a 12 load shutdown. The loads turn off fine, but the garage door does not shut nor does the alarm come on. When I had roughly 4 loads, I think I remember the garage door going down if it was raised. I feel like I might be “outrunning” the Vera3, but I’m not sure how to add delays between execution of scenes. I really did not want to have to rewrite the scene to add everything into 1. I am not ready to start writing LUUP code at this point. The door down and alarm on/off scenes run fine on their own. The alarm also functions properly with the outside floodlights (dogs in and dogs out scenes).