Floorplan in Vera?

I?m a newbie in Vera, and have read somewhere here in the forum people talking about floorplans in Vera, and that?s a feature I would love to see.
A simple graphical kind of drawing of my home with all devices as Icons, clickable of course to turn them on/off/dimmer with status.

Anyone knowing anything about this?

something like ADT pulse, which is basic but effective.

I ditched pulse in favor of Vera’s ability to add almost the entire z-wave universe. I gave up that cute little floor plan in Pulse, and I miss it.

Not in UI5 but there are third party apps that will. If you’re an IOS user, you can do it in Homewave (IMHO one of the best apps for iphone or iPad). You can load in a background image and then place controls where you want them. Here’s a pic of mine.

Thanks, almost what I was searcing for, downloaded and now playing arround with it!
Thanks again.

Can u pleas send my link to the app I can’t find it in app store

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Here’s the link to Homewave in iTunes:

[url=https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/homewave/id545422004?mt=8]‎HomeWave on the App Store

I mean the link to the floor planner app so I can make a map of my home

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