I wonder if is possible to add a floor plan as a plug in similar as datamine? So we can see the temps, state of sensor a more data on a single page. Any ideas for this, I am willing to put time and effort on this, but I am new on Vera. Please if any one is interested contact me.

That would be very cool. I wrote something like this in Matlab to control my old Hawking Zwave gateway. If I can figure out how to send commands directly to Vera, I’m planning on converting it over for that.


You can use the HTTP API to control Vera remotely:

Thanks so much for the pointer. That will do just fine. In fact, that’s exactly how I was controlling the Hawking HRGZ01, only I had to deduce the commands for that one myself with my trusty packet sniffer because Hawking was totally uncooperative. This should be a piece 'o cake :slight_smile: