Flagship VeraSecure being Abandoned? Apparently not!

Hello there,
The first mentions about the new Ezlo controllers have been made public in July last year: Ezlo Secure Beta enrollment. My comment you quoted was from May last year and it’s telling the exact story of what happened. All the beta discussions and evolution of the product are public in the forum.

thank you for the response. I want to ensure my reply is of the right tone, so my apologies if this does not come across respectfully and wistfully as intended:
While it is true that there was a July post about a new EzloSecure controller in the beta area of the community, I did not see that in the summary emails I receive, nor as I browsed the discussions until I stumbled on it a just a few days ago just before the new ad was posted; I wish you had posted a response in this discussion thread describing that you were already building a new secure-converged controller (not just that a new line-up is coming), specifically pointing out that VeraSecure enthusiasts may be interested in the upcoming beta. This particular discussion would have completely changed direction had that been mentioned. Nevertheless, I would still be very interested in seeing a “what’s new” document highlighting the improvements of the EzloSecure over the VeraSecure to determine if it is a worthwhile upgrade for existing VeraSecure deployments.

Apparently, yes!! Not sure why they were cagey about it, though…

I’m sure this could have been PR’ed better, there’s no excuse to that but at the time, we’ve considered that our community is just what we needed to get our most fierce critics and geeks on the hardware. And so we did with that public community announcement where everyone was free to join, and as far as I know, everyone that registered in the given time frame got one.

Thanks for the feedback, this is a great idea. We will work on some “what’s new” piece of news/docs to better inform our users. Meanwhile, if you post your questions in the dedicated topic, our PM’s and beta participants will surely give their best in answering your inquiries: Ezlo Secure is coming

Also, a comparison chart, among Vera and competitors controllers can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GQjHVQXo-P4U7lkAHdRYI5zWgEC_P5sA/edit#gid=437480289

We really had no intention of keeping this under the rug, we had these controllers announced since CES 2020 and there have been constant talks in the forum as well. At least 1-2 topics should have kept the headlines every day in the community and as proof, a simple search returns over 150 mentions of the Ezlo Secure.

I hope this helps.

Yet again, this forum has let me down!! I just found out that monitoring (VeraProtect) is now available in Florida, and has been for several months?!?!

Does anybody monitor these forums for questions/issues and address them?