Fitting a Fibaro FGS-211

I’ve received my Fibaro FGS-211 today as i was advised by Mike at Vesternet that’s what i needed to switch my lights on / off on one circuit, usin Z-Wave. The lighting circuit itself has a light bulb at the top of the landing, but four associated light switches. Mike had advised to connect the FGS-211 to the switch which has the five wires fed into it (Please refer to attached photo). I’ve also attached a diagram to wire the FGS-211, as the diagram is based on the current UK Electrical regs, which wires should i connect where from the light switch to the FGS-211?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kam,

I think I gave you the incorrect information last week (and diagram).

As you can see from the diagram the relay needs a neutral to power it. However, your circuit does not have a neutral at the switch (as it is a 2-wire system).

You need to use a Fibaro Dimmer in this installation (not the relay).

We will send you an email about how to return the relay and we will replace it with a dimmer.

I will also email you directly the correct dimmer wiring diagram.

That’s some quality service!

Be careful, such personal and high-level service doesn’t scale well.