First start up problem

Hi all, would like to get some help.

I bought this veralite from eBay, and try to start the device for the first time.
When it connect for the first time to my local network, it could not pass to 3 static light.
The connection light is always blinking endlessly.

So then I try to make direct connection to device using network setting, and connect tO vera lite And its still blinking. So I browse to the veralite IP address.
And I found network error message as per attachment.

Then I follow the link on the page and it direct me to other login page.
And in this login page I need to fill the root password.
And here I get block since I don’t know the root password in this veralite.

Is there anyone have solve the same problem ?
I tried to email to but no return until now.

Appreciate for any help.
Thank you

Got help from vera support via remote service and solve the issue… Great support.