Firmware upgrade & Memory issues

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My house Plus is running 4414, which is the original beta version that initially caused the “reload crisis,” but this was found to be mitigated by not logging in to–if you’re not logged in, the reloads don’t happen. Accordingly, my house Plus has been running for 1 day 16 hours and change at this writing, and the last reload was induced by me, and the system had been running for a similar amount of time at that point. It has 100 Z-Wave devices and 80-ish virtual devices (including plugins and child devices of physical devices). It is unquestionably much more stable than it was on its prior firmware (3232). Night and day difference. It even maintained this stability when a thunderstorm rolled through last week and blinked power several times, causing a half dozen of my Z-Wave switches to go into zombie mode (resetting the switches via circuit breaker restored them)–it logged a lot of comm errors but did not reload.

My development Plus is running 4430 (the fixed beta successor to 4414), and runs without reload, again unless I induce them, whether I’m logged in our not (so that issue seems behind us).

Super-pleased with this release. I know a lot of people have features they wished for in this release, and a few things have come up with certain devices, but on the whole, this release is a giant step forward in stability and that alone is golden to me.


My Vera is working, but I can only access it locally. I can’t get the initial cloud access to say that it is connected.

is 4430 already available? If so where can I find it, I’m running 4414!

I think you can simply change the number in link you used for 4414.

@rigpapa has let the dog out on 4430…

Some of us were testing it and were reporting bugs. Note that there are still some left and if you can live with 4414, I would recommend to stick with it for another few days as we expect these bugs to be fixed in the next public beta.

Otherwise I agree with @rigpapa and want to express my satisfaction on the much improved stability/predictability of the firmware with my 142 nodes/220 devices system. stability is paramount before getting to added device support and features.


That’s precisely what I did :wink: Vera+ w/162 devices, 32 scenes has been running 1430 fine for the past 24 hours.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Vera 7.29 Core Firmware BETA Release