Firmware upgrade failed, now Vera Plus is dead

My Vera Plus Firmware upgrade failed. Now the Vera Plus is dead. It stalled out in the middle of the firmware upgrade and wouldn’t finish. I tried over and over and over.

I did do a backup before the upgrade. Question, do you think I can get it back to connect if I just use the 3 pushes of the reset (in 6 seconds) to get it back, or do you think I would have to do a full factory reset with the 6 pushes of the reset (in 6 seconds)? I would rather not have to do the full factory reset.


I had exactly the same experience. I’ve been working with Vera Tech support for 3 days now with no luck. Just a blinking power light. Did you or anyone else ever get past this?? I’m very close to returning the damn thing…

Mine stopped during an upgrade, but all lights were on with “Internet” and “Service” flashing. Pushing the reset button 3 times restarted the VeraPlus with the new firmware. Everything seems fine since.