Firewall settings?

I enabled my Windows Firewall (Defender) and VC stopped working. When it’s disabled it works. I have ports 8998 and 8989 allowed. What else am I missing?

My rule looks a little different. I set up the remote port. I did create two different rules. Screenshot below.

edit: also it is set up as a “private” profile if memory serves…not a public profile. I can’t recall if “domain” is selected as a profile and can’t check at the moment since I am not at that computer right now.

It is also set up under “outbound” rules.

I have the exact same issue, changing the port settings in the firewall from qguiring’s setup with one rule incoming and one rule outgoing with dual ports listed to single entries for each port makes no difference once the firewall is turned back on, no connectivity and message about ports 8998 and 8989, turn firewall off on pc running server and connectivity is good.

Looks like you have the rules backwards …

8989 and 8998 are LOCAL ports. The remote ports are unknown.

That worked, setting them as local instead of remote.