Find what triggered my alarms

At 6:16 last night, when I was sound asleep, the alarm went of, telling me the front door was opened. This is being watched and reported from a fibaro door sensor.
When I got up, I also noticed my living room lights were on, which are activated by a fibaro motion sensor. (before it even saw me).

The door was still locked and no one did enter my home, but as you can imagine, it scared us a bit for a moment.
Now I’d like to see what triggered the motion sensor and door sensor last night. (These are the only two devices of these kinds I have)

I’ve tried to access the log here: http://[device ip]/cgi-bin/cmh/, but it only shows the last couple of minutes.
I’ve also managed to log in with SSH and navigated to /var/log/cmh, but it does not find LuaUPNP.log there.

Does anyone have an idea how to find the events that happend this morning?

In /var/log/cmh there should be a file LuaUPnP.log_1.gz which contains the log that was in LuaUPnP.log before those last few minutes. It’s compressed so you will have to decompress it with gunzip.

If I do a “ls” command in that folder, the following is returned:

/tmp/log/cmh# ls
InternetOk.log LuaUPnP.log NetworkMonitor.log serproxy.log

So it looks like there are no .gz files in there…

if I do “vi LuaUPnP.log” I get everything in the log file, but that one starts at half an hour ago and does not go to last night.

That’s unfortunate. I doubt you are able to do any kind of forensics to identify the cause of the alarm without that log.

hmm… then I’ll have to wait and see if it happens again… hopefully not!

Would it be possible to ask MCV if they have a log for the time it happened? Since the Vera should sync logs with them?

Thanks for your help!

I don’t think Vera would know. Do you get text notifications? At least that should tell you what device caused it. I have been hesitant to put in a screamer just for that reason.

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