Final curtain for Nest (WWH) - September 28th 2023


All for those of still able to use the Nest WWH Vera plugin, it seems it’s days are finally numbered… I received this email earlier today…


Thank you for being a valued customer and a part of the Nest family.

Works with Nest was created in 2014 as a way for other smart home device makers to take what Nest knows and personalise your experience with their products, such as turning off the device maker’s smart lights when Nest detects you’re away. The connected home has evolved significantly since then, and we’ve implemented numerous updates to enhance how you interact with and manage devices with Google Home.

In 2019, we made the decision to eventually [retire Works with Nest] to unify our efforts around third-party connected home devices under a single platform for developers to build features for a more helpful home – with a focus on compatibility, security and privacy. The goal is to simplify the developer experience and give you more control over how your data is shared.

We’re reaching out to let you know that after extending support for Works with Nest for the last few years, it will wind down and no longer work as of 29 September 2023.

What this means for you.

  • Until 28 September 2023, all current Works with Nest connections will remain active, and you can continue to use Works with Nest as you do now.

  • In the coming months, you’ll be able to use a [script editor to create advanced home automations that will offer new features and capabilities. We’re also working closely with our partners to provide replacement integrations where possible. [Learn about] the changes and options available to you.

  • Starting on 29 September 2023, the connections will no longer work and you’ll lose access to them.

We’re committed to helping you and minimising disruptions. If you need help, our [support agents] are standing by.

The Nest team

I dread migrating google home. It seems that Nest has stagnated under google.
What about the end user experience?

Are there any people on the forum that are using google home with a Vera plus and Nest thermostat that could reply with their experience?