Fibraro Universal Sensor Power supply

Can anyone recommend a mains powered transformer suitable for the above, available in the UK.


Don’t you have anything laying arround , like an old phone charger?

I got 1 running on an old Iphone charger and one on an even older nokia charger.


of course, but ts not ideal, i would like to install in a small ip67 enclosure for external use.

I don’t think you can find them smaller as an Iphone charger.
Hook/srew/solder the power directly on the 2 metal outlets with some heatshrink and you’re done.

If that’s too big , try this:


Thanks for that, will 5v really cut it, I thought 9v was the minimum

And you’re absolutely right , it says on the specs 9v … my bad :-X

Although I am pretty sure I have hooked up a 5v power supply on one of them … anyway . maybe this?:


thanks Cor, looks perfect, now where did i put that soldering iron !