Fibraro Universal Sensor Parent Device not configured after heal


I decided to run a heal on my network, having added a few devices. Since I did that, the parent device of my Fibraro Universal Sensor is reporting Not Configured.

The two sensor Binary Switch devices on it are working fine as before and when triggered are triggering scenes properly.

However I cannot update the settings, as the parent sensor will not poll or allow configuration, and my dashboard has an unhappy face saying the device is not responding.

I don’t really want to delete the device and re-add it - seems silly just after doing a heal, and would delete it from all the scenes that triggered by them.

Any suggestions how to make the Universal Sensor happy again?



Configure node right now.

Restore Vera from last night’s backup.

Configure Node Right Now - get error “ERROR: Unable to get any information on node” after the “Please wait getting Name”

I’m not rushing to restore from back-up as the Heal fixed a number of issues I had with an redundant device appearing multiple times in the UI…

As I mentioned the child binary switches are working as they are supposed to and they are communicating OK - so other than the UI annoying me that the device is disabled, It is working fine…



This sometimes fixes similar problems:

On the parent device’s Advanced tab, set the variable Configured to 1. Then restart Vera.

Thanks - that seems to have worked for now :slight_smile:

“Your Installation is OK”

Fingers crossed it doesn’t go AWOL again!!!