Fibaro z wave plus motion sensor not working with vera plus


I’ve just got a vera plus and most things are connecting but I can’t get the fibaro motion sensor to work. It’s a new z wave plus version. I’ve seen some earlier posts thar suggests a fix is coming via a firmware upgrade, but any idea when that is coming out or am I better off contacting support? Or is there anything else I can do?


I hope soon. I wanted to try one and overlooked the issues with the Veraaplus and Fibaro motion sensor… Well, I guess it’s a positive the batty level of it shows :o

I contacted support, that was before i read the solution in here in another thread, within a few hours of writing them i was up and running, so i would write support or look for the thread with the solution in here.

I have Vera lite and they don’t work on the Lite either. I contacted support and they’ve been unable to fix my Lite to install the “beta” firmware with the fix after several days now. It is SO frustrating.

I keep getting tempted to go to SmartThings, but I gave up and bought a Vera Plus from Amazon. I know I’m trading one set of problems for a new set of problems, but my fingers are crossed that I’ll eventually have a stable environment where “standard” z-wave devices just “work”!

On my Vera Plus, the Fibaro motion sensor (FGMS-001) works out of the box for me.