Fibaro Water/Flood FGFS101 - battery life

I am testing a Fibaro FGFS 101 ZW5 v3.2 with VeraPlus. In just 4 days of connection, the battery is down to below 90%. I disconnected the battery and re connected the battery and now I only have 70% battery left.

Has anyone else had this issue with these sensors? Is there a way to increase the battery life. I know there are options of using a 12V or 24V DC power supply. We would prefer using the battery.

Are there any settings that would reduce battery usage? Is there a way to turn off the temperature sensor.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve only tested 1 sample of the flood sensor, but mine was clearly not waterproof!
If water drops felt directly on the top of the sensor, then water was also going into the sensor. In such a case the battery of mine went from 100% to 15% in a single day.

That might (or not) be an isolated case.

Mine did the same during initial setup, I’ve seen it on other battery devices as well, but once paired it should last 12 months +

Did anyone ever find a solution for the battery life issue? Could one decrease the polling rate to increase battery life? I have just ordered these and so am a bit concerned about this. Don’t these also report temperature and if so could one shut that off to increase batter life?

I changed a battery in my motion sensor in February and in a short time dropped from 100% to 60% over about 2 to 3 weeks, and has been at 60% since. I suspect the circuit design monitoring of the current through the battery goes through an algorithm to estimate its life, and it is probably not very accurate depending on the device and the battery. I seem to recall the device was at 70% out of the box last August.

I have 2 door sensors, both installed last August. 1 battery is still at 70% but has been vacillating between 70% and 80% for a while. That door is not opened very often hence the long battery life. The second door sensor battery I replaced in like late March or early April - same battery make from a 2 pack I had bought in February for the motion sensor. It has been 100% for quite a while.

Below is a month of battery level data where you can see the front door going from 70, up to 80, and recently back to 70.