Fibaro UBS vs Smart Implant and other I/O devices

Hi, just doing some pre-purchase research before getting my first Vera and a bunch of devices.

As far as I can tell neither the Fibaro UBS or Smart Implant are officially supported by Vera, but from looking on this forum it seems that:
UBS - works with Vera, but old product so may be difficult to obtain
Smart Implant - nobody has got the outputs working but one thread ( Fibaro Smart Implant: instructions to configure binary inputs ) talks about a way of getting the status of the inputs (which at this point looks really complicated to me but hopefully will make more sense once I get my hands on a Vera controller to play with).
Could somebody please confirm/correct my statements above please?

And also, are there other binary I/O devices that will work on 12 or 24V and integrate well with Vera? I’m in Australia so if Z-wave devices then they need work on the AU/NZ frequency.

Thanks all!

UBS is officially supported, but it’s a legacy device, so you will not find any of them.
FSI are not supported and you can map its basic features with my scripts. But other things, like the temperature sensore, are not working until they make something specific to support them. I have two of them, one paired and working (well, except the temp), the other in the drawer waiting for it to be officially supported. I don’t know in Australia, but in Europe at the moment we have no choice, since other binary devices are not supported anyway. Pretty annoying, but that’s the problem when manufacture like Fibaro implements device without following a standard way of doing it.

Have a look at ZWBCL2-AUS or roll your own with a Z-UNO
THe ZWBCL2 is popular with irrigation integrators and other ELV Users.

I found them here:

I found them here:

and here:

Fibaro UBS

Hi, just to note that some users are reporting success with pairing the Fibaro FGBS-222 using the wizard for Fibaro FGS-223 - see FIBARO FGBS-222 Smart implant integration/14 and following posts.

Yeah. Digital inputs + temperature sensors are working now.

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