Fibaro Smart Implants (FIBEFGBS-222)

hopefully someone can help, I’ve read that its possible to use the above devices to arm/disarm burglar alarms, but can’t for the life of me, find any schematics to show how this device should be installed in the alarm system, to see if its compatible with our current setup. Would anyone have any details?


O1/O2 are the outputs and you’ll share the common with the inputs.

See here: Connection with alarm line | FIBARO Manuals

Vera’s support now is not present, and I found the device too unstable to use in production. Maybe it’s the Vera to blame, but that’s not well supported. I suggest you to look at alternatives.

Is there a way to set the “Protection CC” to take advantage of independent Input to Output option?

That would make this device really useful for many applications.


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