Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR221 + Somfy RTS Dry-Contact Interface... good idea?

My electric roller blinds installer (Somfy) has suggested I add the Somfy Dry Contact module. They said this is used by all the HA installers to
integrate Somfy motorized blinds easily into their systems.

I was wondering if any one could shed some light on whether the Fibaro Roller Shutter module would wire into the dry contact module it and work without a hitch?

The PDF for the Somfy dry contact module is here:

And some info at:

And the Fibaro:

I know I could go to the ZRTSI route, but I’d rather use the Fibaro modules as I have blinds on two floors and FWIW, the modules will act as repeaters as well to create a more robust mesh.

THe Fibaro is a Zwave module for 4 wire AC motors
The Somfy RTS dry contact allows you to control a non-somfy motor (drape motor with RJ input for example) via Somfy RTS transmitter
According your wiring diagram, Fibaro input switch is AC, same voltage as the motor, depending on internal wiring could work or blow the Somfy module.
Explain what you are trying to achieve, do you have somfy RTS motors (3 wires) or standard motors (4 wires)?