Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRM-222) force movement

has anyone a idea how i can just force movement with a roller shutter 2 ?

the coutains do not close 100% some time …

would be great to know if the calibration values could be somehow changed manually.

Does your curtain motor have electronic limits with auto setup of the open and closed positions or is it manually set?

no its a DOOYA DT52S … but now as i check it seems the motor does have such thing …
maybe it does cut off before the shutter module does.

the motor does have a RJ15 Jack on the back … for remote or somethings is dont know.
the manual came with it is from a DT52E (which is a modell with remote) the DT52S has just straight power connector for UP and DOWN.

however, besides that it would be really interesting to know how to override/finetune the fibaros calibration.

Apart from calibrating the roller blind position, it?s possible to
calibrate the position of venetian blinds lamellas. After correct
calibration, in case of venetian blinds, it?s possible to set the position
between the limit switches, as well as the lamellas angle. By default,
time of full turn of the lamellas is set to 1,5 seconds. If necessary, it
can be modified following below instructions.

  1. Make sure the module is connected to the power supply,
    according to Fig.1
  2. Include the module into the Z-Wave network, according to section
    III of instructions.
  3. Calibrate the Roller Shutter, according to the instructions
    provided in sections VI.A, VI.B, VI.C, VI.D or VI.E.
  4. Set the parameter 10 value to 2 or choose in HC2 interface:
    Device Type - Venetian Blind
  5. Another device icon, responsible for lamellas operation, will show
    up in Home Center 2 interface. In case of any other Z-Wave
    network controllers managing the lamellas position is achieved
    through pressing and holding a switch key (up or down).
  6. By default, time of transition between extreme positions is set to
    1 500 ms (1,5 seconds).
  7. Turn lamellas between extreme positions. If after full cycle a blind
    starts moving up or down, then parameter?s 12 value must be
    modified, e.g. to 1 000ms (1 second). Correctly configured
    lamellas should not force the blind to move up or down.

[quote=“Benj, post:4, topic:179976”]CALIBRATING LAMELLAS POSITIONING

and ?

Here is another problem. If I use my 2nd controller (Duewi Remote), I’m unable to stop the movement of the roller on any % between 0 and 100 (e.g. 40%). Is there a parameter on the FRGM-222 who could take care of a “Stop”? A second up/down comment don’t work as a “Stop”, the roller simply goes complete up or down. ???

You have to calibrate the shutter, set parameter 29 to 1 and save. The shutter will go up, down and up again, then remove the parameter setting (will be automatically set back to 0) and you should be fine

Thanks for the hint. It had nothing to do with the calibration, one simply have to press the down or up button on the remote a bit longer, but not to long, otherwise the roller will go up/down again.

It has to do whether DUEWI implemented the “stop” function or not. Most likely the remote you use is only implementing dimming commnands.
THis is why you get the stop with a long press; when you do a long press you go in dimming mode and it stops on release of the switch, which is the way a dimmer works. Check if your remote was certified as a motor controller where Z-Wave says that while the motor is running in one direction, sending the opposite command must stop it
the problem with Z-Wave interoperability is it is left at the manufacturer’s discretion to implement the various functions of a command class.
Example: in the US, the WInk and Staples controllers, both “Z-Wave plus” certified, don’t implement the stop as it seems they picked the motor class for ceiling fans (one had to go down the page a little more to discover there is a class for window treatment motors with built-in stops and figure out you might want to stop these products at various intermediate positions)
for more rant:

I bought the Duewi remote together with four Duewi roller shutters and different to the Fibaro roller shutters I can interrupt the movement with a short press on the button for the opposite direktion. Having said that, even the handling Duewi remote/Fibaro roller shutter is ok, knowing how.

everything good then, please give us the DUEWI remote reference so we can test it and recommend it in Europe

Duewi remote 05445 …

Can I connect a Dooya DT52S with a Fibaro FGR-222 in the US? Please advise