Fibaro RGBW Controller w/ added sensor

Hello all,

 I am new to Vera and have recently jumped in with a Vera Edge and the Fibaro RGBW Controller.  

Around 2 years ago I built some undercabinet lighting in my kitchen with LEDs, a Raspberry Pi, PIR Motion control sensor (to turn it on an off), and a breadboard. I won’t go into the specifics here, but the device ended up being brutally reliable as a controller, but horrible as a headless computer since I couldn’t expand it at all (stopped responding to the network after awhile).

Current State:
I have the Vera up and running. The Fibaro has been detected and is operational. The LED’s are fully capable via either ON/OFF or dimming. PIR Motion sensor attached to I1/GND/12V

Final Intent:
The only way I can turn off my lights right now is through the app. Yes, I can buy a light switch, or setup a scene with a z-wave motion sensor, but I would like to investigate reading my PIR sensor through the I1 input on the Fibaro. I can actually see that it is up and senses motion, as it turns on and off with movement, I just do not know how to configure the Vera such that I can read that input, and then act on it.

I am confident that I can probably write the LUUP code, if someone can assist with telling me how to read in the output from the sensor…but if anyone has any other ideas they can offer that they believe might be of assistance in the previous scenario, that would be great as well!

No replies? I have read through the posts in: [url=,15132.0.html],15132.0.html[/url] and see that many ideas and answers exist. The problem is my newness to the system and understanding how it works. If someone could just assist with the way the input interacts with the Vera, it would be much appreciated (ie - should a new devicehave been created when I attached the PIR? (It wasn’t), should I create my own?, etc…) I can figure out any luup from there.