Fibaro Relay Switch 3kW double/tripple-tap?

I wonder if it’s possible to trigger events from double/tripple taps on the secondary “virtual” button using the 3kW relay switch, just like you can do with the Fibaro dimmer?

I’m planning a double wall switch in the garage where the primary button will turn on inte light, the secondary button will open/close the garage door and a double tap on the secondary one will pause/resume my Sonos Play:1.

I dont know about the Fibaro relay switch, but with Evolve switch, if you double tap a switch ON or OFF, vera see the change right away and can be use to activate or desactivate ? scene even if by default Evolve doesnt support instant status.

You need to disable configuration in device settings for this to work.

What I do with my kitchen light is this :

  • click one time, light open
    -click two time fast, sonos play
    -click one time, light close
    -click two time fast, sonos pause.

This fullfil my need at the moment and a scene controller was way too much for this.

Sounds promising. How do you catch the double tap in Vera? Via PLEG?