Fibaro relay child devices stopped updating (UI7 VeraEdge)

Several days ago I’ve added a switch connected to fibaro 2x1.5 relay (FGS-222)
I did it by adding general device in vera (Is there a better way) and got 3 devices (1 parent, and 2 child for each SW)
At the beginning everything worked great and I saw the child device status change whenever i trigger the attached switch.

Today I suddenly noticed that the child device is no longer updated and only the parent device status is chaged when I click the switch.
However, when I manually trigger the child device, the relay itself does change status.

I’ve tried removing the device from Vera UI but it doesnt get removed (I do not have access to button B on the relay itself, but I understand that a UI remove command should be enough)

Can someone help me? it is very frustating

Hi, I have this same issue.

UI5 had this long time (1 parent an 1 or 2 childs)
Then the latest firmware for UI5 suddenly had a parent and 1 or NO child.
The Master, so to say was the Parent then and 1 or NO child depeding of 1x3 or 2x1.5 fibaro.

now, with UI7 we’re back again on old UI5 level with 2 of 3 devices per switch.

This is an undoable situation, especially with te situation you descibed above. This means you need 1 control 1 master and one slave. One slave is never used because it is not updated on status on Vera.

Sound like a UI7 bug to me.


I’m having the same issue with Qubino Flush 1-relay and 2-relays. Only parent device gets updated and no scenes that are initiated by child device are triggered.
If anyone has normal behavior of child devices in Fibaro or Qubino please write what version of firmware you have? Latest update (january 2016) has this issue.

I have the same issue (Fibaro 2x1.5):

Changing the physical switch does not change status in the UI.
Clicking the UI does turn the light on/off.

It wasn’t this way, not sure when it started.

What is the solution?

When I added FGS-222 Veraplus created 3 devices

1 The parent device id 245 id_parent 1 this change state when SI switch is toggled, updates HomeWave when S1 operated
2 Child device id 246 id_parent 245 alt id e1 operates as device 245 but dos not change state when S1 is operated
3 Child device id 247 id_parent 245 alt id e2 operates from S2 and updates Homewave.

Result I ignore or rather do not use child device 247 alt id e1.

When I added a couple of the parameter setting 0 and 6 set to monitor, operating S2 device operated ok but did not update in UI7 and therefore did not update HomeWave
Removed the parameter settings hit configure node right now, result both child device description returned to default description _Appliance Module and device numbers changed.

Then had to unpair the device, pair again and redo all the scenes associated with device numbers.