Fibaro Motion Sensor Parameter setup help

So i have PLTS setup (great app!) to turn my bathroom lights on when it detects motion and then turn off the lights 5 minutes after the motion sensor stops detecting motion.

So i got this all setup last night and walking in and out of the bathroom reset the timer, great i thought. However in real use it doesnt work with the standard Fibaro Parameters. Staying in the bathroom and moving around the motion sensor detects the motion (confirmed by short blinks) but after 5 minutes the PLTS timer turned the lights off as it hadnt been reset by motion.

I think its due to Parameter 6 ‘Motion Alarm Cancellation delay’ which has a default setting of 30 seconds. My understanding of this parameter is that the motion alarm will be cancelled in my Vera once 30 seconds (default time) has passed and every time the sensor detects motion during this 30 seconds, it resets the 30 seconds and therefore doesnt reset the PLTS timer as it sees the motion as one single event. Can anyone confirm that this is the parameter i need to change? Does anyone have any recommended value for this setting as well?

My intended use is that while taking a shower the sensor detects motion and resets the PLTS timer so you dont have to shower in the dark which is what is happening using a standard Vera Scene. I also understand that Parameter 2 needs to be reduced if Parameter 6 is below 10 seconds. Any guidance on a value for parameter 2 also appreciated as i had a quick play last night and the sensor is now flashing like a mad man (i may add parameter 80 and make the LED inactive)

Your understanding is correct, but changing those parameters may not help as the motion sensor may still be sensing motion, even with a smaller timeout set. You’ll also likely negatively impact battery life too :frowning:

What you really need to do is add logic that checks if the motion sensor is still in an alert state, prior to turning off the light. If it’s still in an alert state, don’t turn off the light, just restart your timer. If it’s not in an alert state, turn off your light.

You’ll likely need to do this using LUA, so check here for some tips:

Alternatively you may wish to checkout the PLEG plugin and use that instead of the PLTS plugin:,21603.0.html

Hope that helps!

Thank you Martyn, i was aware about battery life.

Thanks for those links i will take a look.