Fibaro HC2

I just received an email from Fibaro. Apparently they’ve made the Home Center 2 available in the U.S.

It’s only been two years since they promised it. Who do they think they are, Vera?

@RexBeckett provided a great review of the Fibaro Home Center 2 back in 2013, but hopefully Fibaro has made improvements since then.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone familiar with Vera has looked at the Fibaro HC 2 recently?

I haven’t but I think a quick look at their forum with the latest firmware release should provide a good insight to the ongoing issues which discussion of dissatisfaction has lead to members been bsnned

@Brientim - It’s interesting that there do not appear to be any links on their site that go to their forum.

I did take a quick look at the discussion for the latest HC2 firmware release(v4.056), but I didn’t see what you were referring to. I checked the first and last three pages of that 12 page thread and it all looked like the same stuff we have here. Clueless users, some (minor?) bugs, some device support holes, and lots of how-to fix or workaround.

There a very tight community and I suppose, in one way only if you had one or where looking at buying one would you need to be looking at their forum.

The references to banning members I did not look to much for… But it was the same issues about support to devices which appears to be a concerning a numbers of their members that leads to criticism of Fibaro, I did read the post and it was less than what is said here on this forum

But it can be found in the previous firmware release and your summation pretty wrapped it up.

I actually went there researching the issues been reported here on our last firmware release and Fibaro was returned in one of the search results about issues with Aeotec devices.