Fibaro FGS211 Query


I have just purchased 2 Fibaro FGS211 modules. After adding one I got two devices in Vera UI5. I have read several similar threads and while I think I know the answer to my question I am still a little confused still as to why. :-/

I simply wantt to add the FGS211 to Vera and have only one device show up. Not 2. It only has one output and I only want to see one device in my Vera list.

I have tried other suggestions of hiding one of the devices but after adding it into the startup LUA the device never gets hidden despite there being no errors.

Can anyone advise if there is anyway of simply having just one device to operate the one output with one switch with this device?

I can’t even put one of the switches into another room - I see others reporting the same. Is there any possibility of overcoming this?

I don’t want my Vera full of unused devices :frowning:

Thanks in advance

Anyone with any ideas? Looks like the modules might be getting returned in favour of aeon labs modules


Would it be possible to create a virtual device to control the main device? The virtual device could be placed in the room required while the other devices could be placed in an unused room out of view (I use ivera a lot) so only one device will be seen?

If so does anyone know how difficult this would be?