Fibaro FGS211 auto off is not working


I have a garage port opener with two inputs. Connecting this two inputs together open/close the garage port. You only need to connect these inputs for a brief moment for the port to go up/down and I can’t figure out how i get the FGS211 3kw to use the auto off functionality.

I’ve only connected N/L now to have communication with the relay. I can turn it on/off in Vera with no problem. But it doesn’t turn off. I believe this is a version 1.4->1.7 relay switch as this is the manual that followed the relay.

Parameters set (all of them set to 1 byte dec):
#1 - 0
#3 - 0
#4 - 50

Anyone who knows what i’m doing wrongly? Please help :slight_smile:

BTW - this is the connection schema i’m going to use as i understand it:
N = Connected to Neutral Wire.
L = Connected to Live Wire.
I = Connected to one of the garage port terminal.
O = Connected to the other garage port terminal.

#1 - 255
#3 - 0
#4 - 100
#13 - 1
#14 - 1

Make sure your garage door inputs can accept the mains voltage! I have exactly the same (by the sounds of it) garage door mechanism, but mine has voltage free contacts, so I am switching a mains relay instead…

It’s working now. Had to set parameter #3 to 1 instead of 0.

From manual:
Parameter no. 3 - Automatic turning off relay after set time. default value 0
Available configuration parameters:
0 - Auto OFF enabled
1 - Auto OFF disabled

… so i guess i did opposite to the manual… but i’ve tested with a multimeter and it seems to be working good now.

(There is another problem now… it takes some time before the UI goes from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ automatically. I believe around 2 minutes. Even though the relay switches off after 200ms).

I measured the two cables coming from IN and O. They are 0 volt. I ohm’ed them to see there was an actually connection.

wierd… the firmware nr is on the fibaro device itself. perhaps you use a newer version.
contacts are dry contacts. looking at the docs, it can also be used as dimmer ? thats cool !
seems the fibaro 2x1.5kw, 3kw , 0.5kw dimmer and rollershutter are more or less the same. pretty clever stuff.

My FGS221 definately switches mains, not 0V… and it’s the latest version… unless you are using the ‘alternative supply’ configuration? I also switch a mains light with the other output, so I am using the ‘normal supply’ configuration…

yes, it’s the alternative supply configuration i’m using. the garage door motor needs to be on all the time anyway since it’s being controlled by other remotes as well.

In that case you can ignore the advice :wink: