Fibaro FGMS-001 in VeraEdge scene

I asked the Fibaro helpdesk about the issue I posted on this board some time ago (see below) between the horizontal lines.
And I received the following reply:

Dear Sir,
Probably your scene on Vera is triggered by change sensors state.
This 20-30 seconds is a time to return to the no-branched state.
Kind regards,

I have asked them to clarify as I do not understand it. Anyone here can shed some light on it?


I recently acquired two of the Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensors V2.4 and anAEOTEC ZW080 siren. I have paired these with my Vera Edge.
As I am not sure how the motion sensors will behave in the two storage areas. I will be installing them in given temperature and traffic passing by I set
up the following test-scenario:

When the motion detector is armed and detects a motion the siren it switched
on immediately and stops after 5 seconds.
The scene sends out an e-mail alert.

When I test this scenario it works fine, no matter how many times I repeat the test.

However, when I arm the motion sensor and have it detect a movement by moving my hand in front of it, the siren sounds for 5 seconds the first
time. But after 20-30 seconds the siren sounds again, of its own, without any trigger as if another motion is detected and it continues to sound.
When I then manually switch off the alarm, the next time I trigger the motion sensor the alarm does stop as expected. Only to be followed up by the
additional alarm after 20-30 seconds .

What am I overlooking? What is causing this “ghost” trigger?

Tell us more about your scene. Are you using normal scene actions for the immediate on and delayed off command to the siren or is this implemented with Lua code? If code, please post it.

How many and what triggers are set for this scene?

Have you set any direct Z-Wave associations for the sensor and/or siren?

Edit: Other users have reported a bug in the last two UI7 releases that stops some motion sensors un-tripping - or causes them to re-trip. See [url=,31856.msg231058.html#msg231058],31856.msg231058.html#msg231058[/url].

Thanks for the feedback.

I have attached a screenshot of the scene I created in VeraEdge.
Thought I should start of simple, but maybe this is too simple?

I have some programming experience but have not gone into LUA code.

There is one trigger and that is the motion detector detecting movement.
Your question “Have you set any direct Z-Wave associations for the sensor and/or siren?” is not clear to me.
How would I set those?

Sorry to sound like a noob, but that’s simply because I am :slight_smile:
I’ll check out the link and see what pointers I can pick up from that.


Your scene looks good and should work OK. I suspect you are getting the re-trip problem seen by other users on recent versions of UI7. I believe Vera Development are working on a fix but you may want to raise a Support request anyway.

Don’t worry about the direct association. If you had set one up, it could have been part of the problem.

Ok, thanks for the help.
I’ll raise a ticket with them.