Fibaro FGD212 firmware update

How can I update a zwave plus device like the Fibaro FGD212 to its newest firmware ?

As far as I can tell… no.

I tried contacting Fibaro suppor about this, but the only advice was “RMA it”

Despite that, it clearly states in the marketing material (all of page 15) that this is possible. [url=]Wireless Smart Home and Home Automation | FIBARO - but it looks like they do not make it possible (even for owners of HC2).

Very annoying to have to have to re-order, unwire unpair, rewire, pair, update vera.

Not sure if this helps, but I’m trialling a Popp Hub, which has an update feature for device firmware.

It appears to be a function of the Hub/Controller in which you can select the device you want to update.

You then click on Update and …well who knows as I don’t have any Gen5 devices to test it on…

Not having a gen5 vera also makes it difficult as I have no idea if this feature is available.