Fibaro Door/window switch (FGK-101) not changing status

I have a Fibaro door/windows switch (FGK-101) which is not working as it should.
Suddenly it stopped reporting status (open/closed).
I have a temperature sensor connected as a child and it is working.
I have also a manual switch connected but either the switch or the magnet is making any good for the status in Vera.
When I move the magnet near the Fibaro sensor, I can hear a clicking sound.

What could be the issue here?

i had the same issue with one of mine. turned out the reed concact got stuck. In wich sate is your’s right now. try with a very strong magnet if that helps to get it working. that did it for mine for a while but had to replace it later on.

From what side should I try with a stronger magnet?

the same as the one you have installed on the door/window and feom other direction as well. depends in what state it is stuck.

Try changing or deleting the parameters.
I did have a setting on my fibaro sensor 2 that would show me anything. If it is reversed try changing or deleting parameter 1