Fibaro dimmer.....issues ?i

I’ve got a number of fibaro dimmers controlling lights a few of which are set up to be just on an off switches. A while ago I had one appear to develop a fault, when triggered the light would flash twice and then go off, it was as if the second flash was vera trying again but the light still not coming on. When this happens vera shows it as being on even though it’s off.

I thought this was just one of those things as it does not happen all the time, however i recently have another one doing the same which I spotted as a light that’s always on at a certain was off and vera thought it was on.

Has anyone elapse had the issue and been able to resolve ?

It would be helpful for you to give more details about your lights. What kind of lights, switches? How many? What controller and UI? What plugins are you using? What recent changes you made, etc?

Lights are regular bulbs (yes the incandescent type in one instance), standard light switches and a vera 2 running only a hue plug in.

I’ve not changed anything for ages as everything just works as it should. The first unit to have this problem started about six months ago, the latest in the last few weeks.

I’m wondering if its a fault with the fibaro units themselves. Out of the 4 fibaro dimmers I’ve got these two get the most use. There are lots of other devices in the house but all zwave sockets.

If I’d of changed anything then I’d of gone back to previous set up but this seems to be something that’s occurred the same fault in the same switch type.