Fibaro Dimmer 500W FGD 211

Hi All,

I have a problem with this dimmer. When i wire it up it has the light on all the time.
The device adds to the Veralite no problem and i can see it.

Wiring is as follows,
live and neutral come from the power distribution box.
then from the socket a live and neutral go to the light.

At the moment the switch socket is wired up with both Neutrals connected together, then the live wires are connected through the push button switch.

any thoughts on what im doing wrong?
I am trying both single switches diagrams on the Fibaro information sheet it gives me. I only want it as an on off light switch and i want it to just be turned off and on at the flick of a switch.


you probably have the live wire for the switch connected to the mains live which will allways keep it on. there is a topic on the forum about wiring this thing and i made a picture of it also. try search :slight_smile:


Take a look at this application note. It shows how to wire the dimmer correctly.

If you have neutral available at the light switch, then connect that to the ‘N’ terminal and don’t include the link between ‘N’ and ‘O’.