Fibaro 3in1 door/windows sensor

Hi all,

Received my nice little Fibaro 3in1 sensor yesterday and already had a dallas DB1920 waterproof temperature sensor, so I’ve connected the thing to my vera 2 and everything seems to be working fine… BUT the temperature sensor is not that accurate as I would like it to be… :frowning: it gives me two digits in front of the period and no precise numbers at all… (so 25 degrees instead of 24.5) I would like to use this baby on my aquarium to turn on or off fans on top of the sea tank to make sure it’s cooled during the warm days whenever they will arrive here in Holland… :wink: so you might now know it’s of a big importance for me…

Anybody any idea? I could buy a Fibare home center, but that’s a little expensive solution… :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!


MCV only support integer temperatures, it’s a long running enhancement request that hasn’t been delivered. Have a search on the forum for a number of discussions on the topic.

You can get more accurate temperatures through things like the 1-wire plugin if you really need that level of accuracy.

Also think about whether you want Vera to be a vital part of your fish’s life support system. What if Vera crashes while the heater power is on?

You might be right there… Only thing I use the Vera for in the tank is to turn on the fans and to turn of the skimmer if the water in the sump is to high…

An aquarium computer is kinda expensive so I wanted to do it a little cheaper…

Arduino. Microcontrollers can interface with all kinds of digital and analogue devices, they run forever without rebooting, and they are dirt cheap.